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Chronic pain in the neck, back, or any other part of the body can be debilitating. It affects daily life functioning and makes doing simple chores extremely difficult. Furthermore, it disrupts activities like running and walking. However, you no longer have to continue dealing with chronic pain if you consult our trusted pain management doctors in New Jersey.

Our experienced and certified team of doctors led by Dr Abbasi North Brunswick NJ is dedicated to helping you regain the momentum of your life. We understand how crippling chronic pain can be and, therefore, bring you the latest techniques in pain management to help you find comfort and relief.

We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach and certainly don’t recommend surgery right away. Our Pain management doctor in Elizabeth NJ, are trained and specialize in the field of pain management to help you regain control of your life. We focus on specialized treatments, physical therapy, and non-invasive procedures to help you escape chronic pain.

Why Choose Us?

At our Pain Management Clinic, we offer a wide array of services to address various pain conditions, including:

  • Our team conducts thorough assessments to diagnose the underlying causes of your pain, enabling us to develop a precise treatment plan.
  • We offer minimally invasive procedures such as epidural injections, nerve blocks, and joint injections to alleviate pain and improve mobility.
  • Our on-site physical therapy sessions are designed to strengthen muscles, enhance flexibility, and reduce pain.

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The basis of Wellness

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Accurate Results

Accurate Results

Accurate Results

The basis of Wellness

Accurate Results

Faheem Abbasi, MD, is the medical director and founder of New Jersey Pain, Spine & Sports Associates. At the pain management practice’s office locations in North Brunswick, Hazlet, and Manalapan, New Jersey, Dr. Abbasi has dedicated his career to providing people relief from various forms of acute and chronic pain syndromes. He treats people with different types of problems, including but not limited to carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, joint pain, spinal pain, musculoskeletal injuries, disc herniations and radiculopathy, arthritis, myofascial pain, and sports injuries.

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For the convenience of our clients the Medicus Health Center and Hospital provides direct insurance billing with all the major international insurance providers and assistance companies.

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