Arthritis – A Common Condition

Knee pain due to arthritis is a common and debilitating condition that affects millions of people around the world. It occurs when the cartilage in the knee joint deteriorates, causing inflammation, stiffness, and discomfort.

This condition can significantly impact your quality of life, making even simple activities like walking and climbing stairs challenging. A doctor for arthritis can help diagnose your condition effectively and suggest a personalized treatment for it.

Causes Of Arthritis

Arthritis can limit daily activities. The excruciating pain can be difficult to bear and make simple activities challenging to perform. However, seeking the services of an arthritis center in New Jersey can help treat the condition effectively. Let’s first understand the causes of arthritis before we talk about its treatment.

The most common type of arthritis that affects most people is osteoarthritis. It is characterized as part of the natural aging process. In osteoarthritis, the cartilage that cushions the joints wears away, causing pain, swelling, and reduced range of motion. Osteoarthritis, however, can also be caused by obesity, joint injuries, and genetics.

Another kind of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, is due to an autoimmune disorder. It can be caused by genetics or environmental factors. The earlier you visit a center for pain management in New Jersey and get a diagnosis and treatment, the better you can manage this condition.

Knee Arthritis Treatment without Surgery

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Arthritis can be a very challenging condition to live with. Pain and limited mobility can make simple everyday activities difficult to perform. If you start feeling pain in the knees, you should immediately contact an arthritis and rheumatology center where experienced and capable doctors can help diagnose and treat the condition.

There are several knee arthritis treatments without surgery that can be effective in managing arthritis. In some cases, a personalized exercise program can help improve pain, flexibility, strength, and mobility of the joints. If you are suffering from immense pain, anti-inflammatory medication can also help reduce pain and inflammation.

Moreover, pain management doctors in New Jersey can help you with non-invasive treatment for arthritis, which is a revolutionary and advanced technique offering renewed hope to those suffering from this painful condition. This procedure aims to reduce scarring, tissue trauma, and recovery time.

At New Jersey, Pain, Spine, and Sports Associates, you get the support of qualified doctors who specialize in pain management for knee pain and other pain-related conditions. The center is well-equipped with state-of-the-art technology operated by skilled professionals who prioritize patient care and support.

The top priority for pain management doctors at our arthritis center in New Jersey is patient satisfaction. We ensure that your quality of life improves with a combination of our treatment approaches. We work with our patients to determine the most suitable treatment to manage their arthritis knee pain.

So, if you are suffering from knee pain and suspect it is arthritis, take the first step to live comfortably and contact our arthritis and rheumatology center in NJ today!

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